Martin Lewis Files Lawsuit Against Facebook Over Crypto Scams

Crypto scams are not new. In fact, we have seen many this year. It’s a recognized problem within the crypto space, and now it appears one British finance behemoth has had enough. Now, Martin Lewis is suing Facebook. Lewis has had enough of Facebook acting as the platform in which crypto scams are performed. Especially scams that use his name and his face. 

Martin Lewis is Suing Facebook

Yesterday, Martin Lewis, who is a British journalist, announced that he has filed a lawsuit against Facebook. Lewis, who filed the lawsuit through the United Kingdom’s High Court, is accusing the social media giant of defamation. Lewis states that he has seen his face and his name used to sell crypto scams, and these crypto ads are posted on Facebook. Facebook has developed quite the reputation for not being able to deal with false advertisement on its platform, and that is why Lewis decided to resolve this problem in court. 

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In the blog post, Lewis claims that he has seen Facebook publish more than 50 crypto ads that used his name and face to encourage crypto scams. Lewis wrote that he has been fighting for more than a year for Facebook to stop letting people use his face and name, but it is because of the recent boom in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that Lewis felt even more inclined to stop people from getting duped by the scams on Facebook. 

It’s worth mentioning that Lewis did recognize in his blog post that Facebook has removed a few of the ads, but he still doesn’t believe that is the solution to the problem. Why? Because sometimes the removal can take days or weeks, which is when scammers start to re-post the ads. 

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Should Facebook Be Sued Over Crypto Scams?

Do you think Lewis is correct in taking Facebook to court over crypto scams? Let me know below. 

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