IOTA Up 55% And Has Just Passed DASH


The price of IOTA (MIOTA) has hit new record highs above $2.80.

At press time, MIOTA is trading at its record high of $2.90. The IOTA-U.S. dollar (MIOTA/USD) exchange rate has increased at a staggering 55.44 percent in 24 hours. On a monthly basis, the cryptocurrency is up 667.19 percent and since its launch on June 13th of this year, it is up a total of 354.54 percent.

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Source: CoinMarketCap

The German non-profit firm, IOTA Foundation announced last Tuesday that it has made major partnerships with Samsung, Microsoft, and Fujitsu in a blockchain-based marketplace that allows them to sell data. MIOTA is now the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and has passed Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, and DASH. Since the huge announcement of partnerships, it has added more than $3 billion to its total market value.

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Its biggest differentiator among its counterparts is the firm’s digital leger is entirely “blockless” and allows users to make their transaction on the chain for free. It has just entered the Chinese and Korean markets and its new growth can be attributed to that, as well.

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