Harry Potter Themed Cryptocurrency Initiates Test Launch

Harry Potter
Mimblewimble, the exploratory blockchain network whose names are based on Harry Potter references, has officially launched their long-awaited “testnet.” This project was initiated back in 2015 by the cryptographer, Tom Elvis Jedusor, which is French for Harry Potter’s rival Lord Voldemort. While the name and references seem childlike to some, the developers of the project are extremely dedicated and serious about its tech. They believe it improves privacy and scalability far surpassing the current bitcoin network, with cutting-edge cryptography. The Mimblewimble team is ready to take their code and take the first steps in testing it. The lead developer, Ignotus Peverell, explained that this ‘testnet’ they’re launching will be like a workshop for developers. They are adding fake cryptocurrency coins that detect any potential threats that can be easily corrected before they launch the real currency. Peverell explained that testnet1 is running and a few of its developers are currently mining and running nodes that are following this digital currency’s specific rules. In an interview with CoinDesk he stated that “There's still a lot of work, but it's a big milestone for us." Other users are able to operate a node connected through the “grin network” and send test tokens to the other test users, with the idea of exposing potential issues. Peverell told CoinDesk, "We hope to have as many bug reports as possible, so we can start fixing issues we've overlooked. At this point, one can still expect failures that would be a complete nightmare on a mainnet."

Tests, Tests, and More Tests

They are anticipating many versions of this initial testnet. The Mimblewimble team is trying to perfect their peer-to-peer network, the wallet software and everything that has to do with their blockchain. They anticipate their later versions to include more advanced features like the up-and-coming “lightning networks” that is making big waves in the crypto community. It still might be a while before Mimblewimble goes live but they are anticipating their launch for “sometime 2018.” More to come as details emerge from testnet1. Featured Image: orlandoattractions.com

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