Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index Launched Today

Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

The cryptocurrency industry just got another player. On Wednesday, Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management LLP launched the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI). This is pretty significant news, and if you haven’t clued in as to why just yet, don’t worry – you’ll understand soon. 

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index

Today, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index was launched. The key players in this index are Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management LLP. More specifically, the index is owned by Bloomberg Index Services, while Galaxy Digital Capital co-brands the index. The latter is a digital asset management company, and it was founded by Michael Novogratz, an ex-hedge fund manager. In 2007 and 2008, Forbes ranked Michael Novogratz as a billionaire. 

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index is essentially an index that will be used to track the performance of a certain section of the crypto market. Specifically, the largest and most liquid section of the market. It’s important to mention that the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index is market-cap-weighted. Further, the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index is designed to measure the performance of virtual currencies that are USD-traded. This includes Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Ripple (XRP). 

Mentioned briefly, this is a significant announcement. Why? Because the index is an important step in advancing the digital assets market. So what are people saying, now that the news is out in the open? Let’s see what we can find out. 

What Does the Bloomberg and Galaxy Team Think?

Both Bloomberg and Galaxy have been vocal today on social media, spreading the news as best as they can. Bloomberg tweeted to its 50.3K followers the following message:

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Meanwhile, OneChainFX joined the conversation as well, announcing it is a data partner to the companies for the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. 

Even Michael Novogratz shared the news personally, tweeting to his 84.2K followers that he is “so excited” to be able to announce the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index. 

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What Do the Crypto Markets Think?

So, the team is clearly excited, but what are the masses saying about the index? Again, we took to Twitter to find out. One tweet that stood out is below, and it came from crypto analyst Anthony Pompliano. He tweeted that this “type of initialization is important” for the cryptocurrency industry. Do you agree?

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