Crypto Wallet Provider Blockchain Opens San Francisco Office

Blockchain wallet
A London-based crypto wallet provider has designated San Francisco to be its new home. More specifically, Blockchain - both a wallet and data provider, announced Tuesday that it will be opening an office in the hilly city.  

Crypto Wallet Blockchain Takes On San Francisco 

The opening of the San Francisco office is part of the company's expansion plans. It also follows Blockchain's recent acquisition of a software company, formerly headquartered in the Bay Area. The California office of the London-based company will have staff from both Blockchain and its recently acquired software company. The new Blockchain office is likely to benefit both the U.K. crypto wallet provider and its acquired software company, Tskukemen. Why the latter? Because it supports Tskukemen's longtime goals.  It is worth noting that Blockchain also has offices in New York and Luxembourg, so it is not as if the crypto wallet provider is making its first move from the dark, rainy city of London. However, taking on the West Coast is likely to have benefits all on its own. Benefits that Blockchain may not have experienced on the East Coast. 

The Company 

Blockchain Wallet is essentially a company that provides the public with a crypto wallet to store their currencies in. As of 2018, more than 2.4M people around the globe use the company's crypto wallets. Blockchain has been on the rise ever since it raised $40M in June of 2017. Since that moment, the crypto wallet provider has been expanding at a rapid pace. In fact, it has been reported that Blockchain has doubled its headcount in the last 8 months. To top it off, the crypto wallet provider also stated that it plans to double in size again by the end of 2018. Can they do it?  >> Stops Naming BCH as "Bitcoin" After Rumors of a Possible Lawsuit Good things are clearly on the horizon for Blockchain. It will be interesting to see, however, if Blockchain can meet its forecasts and if opening up a West Coast office will prove beneficial to the company.  Featured Image: twitter

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