Microsoft’s Bing Bans Crypto Advertising

Bing Bans Crypto Advertising: Microsoft's Bing browser has banned crypto-advertising. Microsoft now joins the ranks of several other companies that have done the same, including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). All three companies implemented their bans on cryptocurrency advertising earlier this year and have said in some form or other, that the decision will ensure the safety of their users from deceptive advertising. The ban includes cryptocurrency advertising and advertising for cryptocurrency related products and Bing will be updating its financial products and services policy to include this new decision. >>Diving into the Google Ban on Cryptocurrency Advertising According to a blog post from Bing Ads, this ban is being put into effect "because cryptocurrency and related products are not regulated" and cryptocurrencies "present a possible elevated risk to [Bing] users." Bing fears that cryptocurrency-related advertisements can potentially increase the risk of users being scammed. The changes will officially be implemented in June of 2018 and "enforcement" of this ban will begin sometime during in late June or early July of 2018. >>More Crypto Bans: Lloyds Shuts Down Credit Card Purchases

Social Media Response

The response to the decision seems mixed, as some users are asking for Bing to balance the decision with an "investor need for good information."     There is a chance that this has negatively affected the cryptocurrency market, as a majority of coins are seeing a downward trend within the past 24 hours. Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen nearly 2.37% in the last 24 hours and had reached approximately $8,336.64 USD with a 24-hour volume of nearly $6.88 billion. Featured Image: twitter

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