Oscar Mayer Gets Hit with Cease and Desist After Copying Bacoin Idea


Bacoin: A few days ago, a cringe-worthy cryptocurrency ad campaign was launched by Oscar Mayer. It was pretty horrendous, and while most of the world tries to forget what they’ve seen, a man named Kirk Steele announced he is putting his foot down on the matter. Steele isn’t taking a stand because he found the ad campaign to be in poor taste, however. It’s much more than that. 

The Bacoin Campaign Scandal 

Oscar Mayer, a meat and cold cut company, recently launched an advertisement that was inspired by cryptocurrency. The aim was to get people to promote bacon on social media platforms. Most people have agreed that this was a ridiculously poor branding play. The upside is that things just got a little more interesting. 

According to Motherboard, a 27-year-old in Michigan already created a virtual currency called Bacoin. He created it in 2014. It’s not just that the name is the same, either. In fact, the similarities between Steele’s Bacoin and Oscar Mayer’s are astronomical. It’s for these reasons Steele wants the ad campaign to be put to an end, even calling for Oscar Mayer to get a cease-and-desist. 

It’s unclear whether that will happen or not. Steele said he has yet to discuss the matter with the company. That said, he has reportedly been in contact with lawyers, discussing whether or not he has a case. On Steele’s end, sorting something out with the Kraft Heinz-owned company is not something he sees as unachievable. He said that he would like to be apart of something that took advantage of the technology, but he fears Oscar Mayer would rather make fun of the venture instead of embracing it, making it a real part of the crypto sector. 

Meanwhile, Oscar Mayer doesn’t believe it has done anything wrong. Various outlets have reached out to the company, and they simply responded that it remains confident in the ad’s “uniqueness.” 

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The Takeaway

What do you think about the Bacoin campaign scandal? Do you think Oscar Mayer should be held responsible?

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