Amazon Subsidiary Registers Three Additional Cryptocurrency-Related Web Domains


E-commerce giant Amazon has reported registered three new cryptocurrency-related web domains.

Such three domains are registered under “”, “”, and “”, on October 31st, 2017. All three are directly linked to Amazon Technologies, Inc, a subsidiary of, Inc.

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Within the registration documents, the phone numbers listed to connect to Amazon’s legal department, through a representative of that office could not be reached by the press time.

Amazon’s purpose behind the creation of these domains is unknown – although it is widely speculated that it may be simply moving to safeguard its brand. Back in 2013, Amazon secured “”, which currently redirects to Amazon’s main page – an arrangement that further suggests the protective intent of the registration.

Additionally, Amazon may be seeking to avoid confusion between cryptocurrencies and Amazon Coin, a virtual currency product introduced in 2013 that serves as a digital payment for customers.

As of today, Amazon representatives have not responded to requests for comments.

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