Netherlands Introduces First Blockchain Research Agenda

Netherlands Blockchain Coalition
The Netherlands Blockchain Coalition has been presented it's first Blockchain Research Agenda by its ambassador, Rob van Gijzel, on Tuesday. Netherlands Blockchain Coalition, which was created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy as a part of the TopTeam ICT research agenda, aims to research blockchain technology and analyze the impact and potential of blockchain on society. There are three different concerns that the agenda hopes to cover to allow blockchain technology to have a "positive societal potential." Trustworthiness is the first area that is mentioned, which includes trust in social and legal institutions and personal trust. The agenda states that these social and legal institutions could "govern the transition to blockchain technology, cohabitate peacefully with it, or might be replaced by it." The importance of personal trust includes providing transparency on the accuracy and security of the information on the blockchain. >>Facebook Exploring Blockchain Technology Sustainability of the blockchain is the second issue that the agenda hopes to address. Blockchain's ability to work well economically compared to other technologies will also be a focus of the new research agenda. The ability for blockchain to recover from any possible "disruption, power concentration, hostile takeover" is also part of the Coalition's concern over sustainability. Finally, the governmental and legal control of blockchain is said to be covered. This includes the analysis of information use and movement between blockchains and the management of privacy and identity. The Dutch Blockchain Coalition believes that this research agenda could serve "as a source of inspiration for anyone conducting blockchain research." The Ministry seems to believe in the potential of blockchain, which adds to the discussion several governments are having about it including the United States Congress meetings to discuss the possible "applications of blockchain technology in shipping, logistics, and customs, emphasizing supply chain management," earlier this week. Featured Image: Depositphotos/© PromesaStudio

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