NYC Blockchain Week: What to Expect from Consensus 2018 This Week

NYC Blockchain Week
Big things are happening in the crypto and blockchain sector this week. In fact, this week is what the financial industry calls 'NYC Blockchain Week' and Consensus 2018 has kicked off. Companies will be announcing various things throughout the week, so stay vigilant; you are not going to want to miss some of these meetings and announcements. 

NYC Blockchain Week Has Arrived!

In New York, the largest digital currency conference has kicked off. The name of this conference is Consensus. It is thought that Consensus 2018 will see a dramatic increase in attendance. In fact, it has been estimated that Consensus 2018 will have around 7,000 people attending the conference. For those who don't know, Consensus is a way for those involved in the growing crypto and blockchain ecosystem to get together. The conference, which will run until May 18, is a way for the industry to innovate and work together.

NYC Blockchain Week So Far 

NYC Blockchain Week technically commenced last week, but the wheels really didn't start turning until today. On May 11, however, there was a CDX Blockchain Brand Innovation Summit at Columbia University. During the summit, CDX discussed the ways in which blockchain technology has the potential to change its business and the experiences customers have.  On May 12, a 'Blockchain Without Borders' meeting took place. It was here attendees met with various industry leaders, discussed the role innovation plays in the success of the blockchain sector. On Sunday, the 'Women on the Block' meeting took place.

What to Expect from Consensus 2018 This Week

This week is going to be jam-packed. Here are five noteworthy events and forums that will take place during the week.  Monday, May 14: 
  • CryptoMonday: Token Economic Forum 
Tuesday, May 15:
  • XRP Community Night; this is an invite-only event.
  • The Art of Crypto Assets; an event hosted by Byzantine at the Williamsburg Hotel
Wednesday, May 16: 
  • Hyperledger will host the Hyperledger NYC Meetup at 6 PM. The event will discuss the framework of blockchain technology and Hyperledger. 
  • The WiB team will host a 'Women in Blockchain' event, at LittleStar HQ. 
Thursday, May 17: 
  • Token Summit III New York 2018
  • Block Tank; this is an event led by the Hydrogen team at its headquarters. 
Friday, May 18: 
  • NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit 
  • ADI Crypto Mining Summit

Community Response 

So, what's the crypto community saying about Consensus 2018 and NYC Blockchain Week on social media? We took to Twitter to find out; here are a few tweets that stood out.  >>Ripple Announces Xpring Initiative, XRP Moves into the Green

The Takeaway

Is there anything about NYC Blockchain Week and Consensus 2018 that you are looking forward to the most? Let me know!  Featured Image: Twitter

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