Consensus 2018: NYC Blockchain Week Brings in $17 million

Consensus 2018
Consensus 2018 NYC Blockchain Week - After Bitcoin (BTC) catapulted in price at the latter half of 2017, the world began to take notice of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology the blockchain. At last year's blockchain week, only 2,700 attendees were reported by CoinDesk. Yesterday, the final attendee count for the first day of the event was over 8,500. Consensus 2018 is bringing in at least $17 million in ticket sales this year, as tickets were running $2,000 a pop before the event and last minute admission at the door is $3,000 a ticket. The first consensus conference was held back in 2015 and CoinDesk registered only 400 attendees. >> Blockchain Week Talks Lamborghini's and Protests To kick off the event yesterday, three Lamborghinis lined the entrance of the conference. Many attendees arriving thought they were owned by cryptocurrency millionaires attending Consensus 2018.   Later, CNBC announced that the Lamborghinis were strategically placed for promotional purposes. Broadway Supercars, a New Jersey-based car rental company, parked the cars at the front of the conference to grab the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Consensus 2018 hasn't been completely smooth sailing. Anti-cryptocurrency protests were held outside the conference as angry bankers tried making their stance known. Some attendees had to wait close to an hour just to receive their name-badge. It seems that the security guards at the Hilton hotel weren't prepared for the large numbers of people flooding the hotel on opening day. Exciting Talks Ahead The three-day event has already held big-time speakers, such as the chairman and CEO of FedEx Corp and a few executives at IBM. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, also spoke in the grand ballroom yesterday. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square and Twitter, is set to make his appearance in the grand ballroom tomorrow afternoon and Snoop Dogg is headlining an exclusive bash hosted by Ripple (XRP) at a 'secret' location within the next two days. With large corporate sponsors such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP; it just goes to show what a year can do and how far blockchain and cryptocurrency have come. Many Wall Street executives have been spotted attending the event and even if they still disagree with the premise, they're still absorbing the information and now realize that cryptocurrency is here to stay. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $8,747.25 a coin, up 2.41%, in 24 hours. Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are trading in the green today. Featured Image: ACE

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