3 Funny Blockchain Chrome Extensions That Will Make You Smile

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The Internet is a rather curious place where you can find everything you are looking for. In this world, even the most serious thing can be turned into a joke and it wasn't long before blockchain enthusiasts (and their haters) began to joke around. Today we'll introduce you to our favorite 3 blockchain chrome extensions that mock the hype of blockchain technologies and how their advocates see the world. These are designed to make you smile... 1. BLOCKCHAIN TO BUTT Everyone has a friend who likes to talk too much about cryptos. He doesn't look you in the eye to avoid missing the second-by-second update of his favorite pair in Binance, and lives on talking about how the use of bitcoin is going to dethrone governments and established powers. What better way to show your crypto enthusiastic friend how little you care about his new hobby? Substitute his most beloved word for his most hated one. The Chrome extension "Blockchain to Butt" replaces each mention of blockchain and Bitcoin with "Butt". The results are quite interesting...  

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2. ON THE BLOCKCHAIN Since the advent of Blockchain, everything seems to be related to this Technology. Anything unrelated to blockchain seems to be outdated today. Well, this extension seems to fulfill the dream of every blockchain enthusiast, making everything happen in the blockchain. Everything...

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3. REPLACE BLOCKCHAIN WITH SPREADSHEET The use of blockchain technologies has revolutionized industries. You can eliminate the need for trust between parties by implementing complex and revolutionary protocols to verify every transaction that has ever occurred since the beginning of the network. However, when it comes down to it, the 'jargon' that is used when talking about blockchain can hype it up somewhat. This extension can bring enthusiasts back down to earth, changing the word 'blockchain' for a more friendly, simple, and (let's admit it) boring concept - the 'excel spreadsheet'. >>Ethereum Is More Popular Than Bitcoin In India Seeing things from this point of view makes us question the hype a little bit:

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After a trimester of horrific bearish tendencies, bans, and taxes from governments, a little humor is not a bad idea. It is always important to take things with a little humor and these 3 blockchain chrome extensions help a lot. But remember to turn them off when you have to "get back to the real world" especially if you work for The Wall Street Journal. Featured Image: Twitter

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