UK Singer Lilly Allen Could’ve Been A Billionaire With Bitcoin Gig

Lilly Allen


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The UK native superstar, Lilly Allen has been topping the charts since back in 2006 and hasn’t let off the steam since. Although she has become somewhat of a singing legend, she still has her regrets just like you and me.

It turns out that the 32-year-old once turned down a performance where she was offered hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin, for her to sing. She tweeted back in 2014, calling herself an “idiot” for turning down the gig back in 2009.

If you’ve seen any of the headlines, Bitcoin has grown to phenomenal amounts this year and is now selling at £9,810.10 ($13,127 USD), per coin. If she would have accepted the gig and held onto the cryptocurrency, her digital wallet would be worth over £1.68 billion. This would have made her one of the richest individuals worldwide in showbusiness, passing Madonna and Beyonce by a substantial amount.

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