UK Rolls-Royce Owner Puts Car Up For Sale In Exchange For Bitcoin


As Bitcoin gains popularity all over the world, more individuals are now starting to sell their more lucrative items in exchange for the digital currency.

The rental housing market and now even airlines have begun accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment method. It seems now that this is being applied to collector‘s items, such as luxury automobiles.

A car owner in the U.K has now listed his Gold Ghost Rolls-Royce for sale on the major website Autotrader but is only selling it in Bitcoin and not in pounds.

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If you were to buy a brand new Rolls-Royce from the dealership it would cost you over £230,000 but with only 35,000 kilometers, this 2010 would only cost you £117,000 in Bitcoin.

The owner told the Daily Mail, “Why not trade in Bitcoin? I treat it in exactly the same way as normal currency these days. It’s safe, convenient and incredibly valuable right now so, to me, it makes sense to trade my car this way. It’s the future.”

This Ghost model will also come with a personalized number plate, for an additional fee. It comes with a 6.6-liter engine and the Gold car has all the luxurious specs to match its price tag.

At the beginning of 2017, if you would have invested just £12,000 and kept it, you would now be able to purchase this beautiful Rolls-Royce.

More To Come

As Bitcoin futures are just around the corner, the demand for the cryptocurrency is almost certain to grow. Whether or not people decide to invest long or short term in the digital currency, once the futures hit the market in full force a flood of new investors are anticipated to flood the market.

As the demand continues to grow, everyday transactions with the digital currency will become more of the norm.

Featured Image: autotrader

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