Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk the creator of Bitcoin?

Elon Musk
Bitcoin has been making major worldwide news headlines for the past week, smashing its own records and now has broken over the $10,000 mark. The biggest unsolved mystery with the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value is who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto is. The white paper launched by the alias name was back in November of 2008, after the large housing/stock market crash.  No actual person or group since then has come forward and claimed the rights to inventing this idea and technology. Recently, a software engineering intern at SpaceX by the name of Sahil Gupta wrote a post on the website, with the suspicion that Nakamoto is Tesla’s CEO and SpaceX’s founder, the one and only Elon Musk. What kind of evidence does this intern have for this claim? Nothing definite but his logic is relatively fair. The original white paper written back in 2008 was by someone with “a deep understanding of economics and cryptography,” which Gupta knows that Musk has. He claims that Musk is an expert of the coding language C++, and that is the code Bitcoin was written in. Gupta discusses Mr. Musks’s drive towards his self-taught polymath that he built his rockets on for SpaceX and could have invented Bitcoin. Gupta goes on explain why Musk would have created Bitcoin back in 2008, saying: “It was 2008 (Great Recession), and he may have been motivated to solve the lack of trust in banks by creating a currency that doesn’t need them.” Back in 2014, a tweet was uncovered from Musk was in which he admits coyly that he is Satoshi.

Source: Twitter

He ends the article by personally thanking Musk, “Elon – if you are Satoshi, thank you. If not, well, thanks for the Tesla Roadster.” What are your thoughts? Did the millionaire aerospace tech mogul create Bitcoin? Featured Image: twitter

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