Tesla S Owner Mines Bitcoin In The Trunk Of His Car

Mines Bitcoin In The Trunk

Miners who once thought Bitcoin hydro mining and mining via phone was new and exciting have now just been proved wrong, the owner of a Tesla S is now mining Bitcoin’s from his vehicle’s free supercharger. How achieved this, was installing a Bitcoin mining computer in the trunk of his car and is charged by the car’s battery while it mines the cryptocurrency.

This is a new and innovative way to mine Bitcoin that has never been done before and what makes it so lucrative is that the there is no cost to mine the cryptocurrency, as energy bills have said to be pretty expensive. The only cost associated with this process would be the car itself and the equipment to do the mining.

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Potential Complications

New creative methods of mining will continue to arise as the world’s largest cryptocurrency, continues to increase in its price.

While the use of the superchargers in the electric vehicles could be an awesome workaround to paying the high electricity bills associated with mining, owners could face potential issues with their cars.

Among one of the biggest concerns would be that the mining computers produce an abundant amount of heat and that could potentially damage the car’s internal parts over an extended period of time. Also, the car’s battery remains untested and could become damaged when it’s used continuously for a period of time, during the mining process. Despite the good amount of profit that could be made with the mining, Tesla owners should weigh the potential effects it may have on the performance of their not-so-cheap cars.

Those wanting to save some money mining the digital currencies are encouraged to explore alternative methods such as renewable energies and they could use solar panels instead.

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