India’s NASSCOM Partners With Blockchain Institute

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it seems that people either love cryptocurrency and blockchain or they hate it. There’s no in-between. There’s no Switzerland. It’s an all or nothing sort of deal.

Earlier today, the U.K. Treasury Committee launched an inquiry into cryptocurrency and blockchain, stating that it will be looking into the risks and dangers open to consumers who use cryptocurrencies. Also announced today is that one of India’s most prominent tech industry organizations has partnered with the BRI, Blockchain Resource Institute. Why? To create a blockchain institute which will develop skill sets for blockchain adoption and usage in India.

Pretty different compared to the U.K’s announcement, right? One country dislikes cryptocurrency and blockchain, the other loves it. Enough, at least, to partner with the BRI in order to help create a digital economy in India.

What Do We Know?

We also know that Canada is team cryptocurrency and blockchain. I mean, KFC now accepts Bitcoin as payment. That wasn’t enough, however, as India’s National Association of Software Services Companies (NASSCOM) disclosed today that BRI researchers will be backed by the government of Canada. The Canadian government, whose Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau, will be helping BRI developers to learn more about blockchain technology. The hope is that it will teach the researchers how to create various blockchain-based tools in India.

Blockchain has become extremely popular as of late. There are dozens of companies starting to integrate the technology into their corporate world. The chairman of NASSCOM stated that he believes blockchain will be beneficial to the nation but knows that it will be a long-term effort. In fact, the research is being split into two separate parts. The second phase will be the construction of a blockchain institute in India.

It will be interesting to see if all goes planned. If it does, I think it would be quite revolutionary.  Even CNN stated that a blockchain institute in India would “provide high-end technology capabilities.”

What do you think?

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