Hacker Completely Crippled Sacramento Regional Transit and Ransomed For One Bitcoin

Sacramento Regional Transit

Over the weekend, a hacker hit Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) and deleted around 30 million files. These erased files contained the important programs the city uses for dispatching and planning the bus routes, along with their bus driver assignments.

It started on Saturday when the hackers took over the website and completely defaced it with a note stating, “I’m sorry to modify the home page, i’m good hacker, I just want to help you fix these vulnerabilities. This is one of the loopholes, modify the homepage.”

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After the company was notified by residents, out of safety they took the entire website down, along with the credit card processing system.

The hacker then demanded a single Bitcoin, worth now over $8,000 USD, in order to stop the attacks and allow the IT team at SacRT to get the system back and running. Their exact note stated, “Hello, I will always attack your website, we are hackers. We can do everything. Pay us now to stop attacking.”

They have not paid the ransom and are working diligently to get the system up and running. A representative told FoxNews that they back up their files “every day” and are restoring it via backup.

The hack and ransom are extremely odd due to the size. By comparison, other hacks this year ranged from $250,000 to over $80 million. HBO and Equifax are the most notable companies that were hacked on a larger scale. It is still unclear as to why the ransom was so small, in comparison to the disruption it caused to the city of Sacramento.

Featured Image: twitter

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