Greece’s Supreme Court Supports Vinnik’s Extradition To US To Account For His $4 Billion USD Laundered


The Alexander Vinnik case in Greece has just taken an interesting turn. As we reported back in November, the Russian cybercrime suspect was awaiting his fate as the U.S and Russia battled for his extradition.

Vinnik was arrested back in July when the U.S requested that he be arrested as he was on vacation with his family. He is said to have laundered $4 billion USD worth of Bitcoin through BTC-e.

Vinnik had appealed his extradition to the U.S because his home country, Russia, held him on ridiculously lower charges of laundering 667,000 ruble which is around only $11,500 USD.

Greece’s Supreme Court has now upheld the US request and is supporting the extradition to the North California courts. Vinnik’s lawyer said in an official statement following the ruling stating, “The Supreme Court has in essence accepted that our client should be sent to the United States.”

It is now up to the justice minister to decide his ultimate fate, as the two options present radically different legal punishments.  

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