Bitfinex Plans to Sue Critics


Bitfinex is the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, with a $657 million daily trading volume, but recently there have been some false allegations floating around the crypto world against Bitfinex – and they are finally taking action against the firestarters. The exchange intends to sue.

The exchange’s in-house counsel Stuart Hoegner has said that there were some “bad actors” spreading “false information” to “agitate the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

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“To date, every claim made by these bad actors has been patently false and made simply to agitate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a result,  has decided to assert all of its legal rights and remedies against this agitator and his associates,” said Hoegner.

The identities of these false information spreaders have been withheld, but Bitfinex public relations executive Ronn Torossian has said of the matter, “I think you can infer who.” Torossian further commented, “In recent months, certain parties and their associates have made false and unsubstantiated claims against Bitfinex, engaging in potential market manipulation activity that is dishonest and unlawful.”

The inference we are meant to make, it would seem, is Bitfinex’ed, as they released a statement claiming that the lawsuit against Bitfinex will be defended.

“I am officially seeking donations to defend myself against Bitfinex’s frivolous lawsuit, rather than showing their numbers they seek to silence me,” wrote Bitfinex’ed.

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