Bitcoin Platinum Turns Out to Be a Scam

Bitcoin Platinum

With little information on the fork, experts are calling Bitcoin Platinum a scam, created by a South Korean teenager.

Despite Bitcoin Platinum’s official Twitter feed claiming there has been a group of miners, developers, investors, and users ready to hard fork the Bitcoin protocol at block 498,577, little further information has been provided.

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Bitcoin Platinum has had a vague description from the start. It claimed to use “Satoshi’s original vision of Bitcoin as decentralized electronic cash.”

Subsequent tweets from the account have looked to be informal and poorly constructed, offering little information beyond “[Bitcoin] shorting very good.”

It has been revealed since that the owner of the Bitcoin Platinum account is a South Korean teenager, who later admitted on Twitter that it was, indeed, a scam.

No doubt due to this and other cryptocurrency scams, the South Korean government will begin to regulate the South Korean crypto market.

Featured Image: twitter

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