This Artist Hides Bitcoin in Digital Paintings – If You Solve It, You Keep It

Bitcoin Puzzle Solved
Want some free Bitcoin? You'll have to solve a puzzle first. Artist Marguerite deCourcelle, also known as coin artist, has been hiding Bitcoin in digital paintings for years. Her third Bitcoin puzzle, released in April 2015, has finally been solved. Whoever solved the puzzle remains a mystery but they are now the proud new owner of around $50,000 worth of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin puzzle series, "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto", has been going on for a long time. It took nearly three years for the third puzzle in the series, "TORCHED H34R7S", to be solved. When deCourcelle and her team originally placed the key to the Bitcoin wallet into the digital painting, the wallet contained 4.87 Bitcoins - which was, at the time, worth about $1,400.

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>> Best crypto coins for small payments We can see from the wallet, known as 1FLAMEN6, that the prize has indeed been claimed:
>> India threatens ban of crypto Nothing now remains in the wallet. The new Bitcoin owner must be thrilled to have solved such a mystifying and captivating puzzle for the crypto community. Interestingly, in November 2017, the wallet saw its first signs of activity since the puzzle had been released - not in the form of someone claiming the Bitcoin, but someone actually depositing more in! This mystery was revealed to be part of a Bitcoin hack that's been quietly haunting the crypto world. It worked out for whoever solved the puzzle, though, because it meant there was more Bitcoin to claim. While the identity of the puzzle solver will remain anonymous, the solution for "TORCHED H34R7S" has now been released and it is quite the solution! From Shakespeare to keys acting as literal keys to coded flames, this solution has it all. For those hoping to have solved the puzzle themselves, the chase isn't over yet! deCourcelle's team is developing a new crypto game, called "Neon District", this one with 15 ETH hidden within. "Neon District" is part of a crypto RPG that is riddled with easter eggs like this.
Source: Twitter
As an avid puzzle solver myself, this is an extremely fascinating concept - and probably the closest us puzzle enthusiasts will get to feeling like Indiana Jones! I doubt I'll ever be able to figure it out, but maybe some of you out there will have better luck. Happy puzzling! >> Read more about the crypt game "Neon District" Feature image: twitter

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