Stops Naming BCH as “Bitcoin” After Rumors of a Possible Lawsuit
The crypto related news website, has changed the way it publishes information after a group of users joined forces to file a fraud suit against it. For some time now, Roger Ver, a crypto enthusiast who became a millionaire by investing in Bitcoin (BTC), has been promoting a fork he is a part of BCH - known as Bitcoin Cash or BCash. According to him, BCH is the coin which remains true to the original Bitcoin Whitepaper of being a P2P electronic cash system, so he has taken on the task of promoting BCH in a way that practically the entire ecosystem - with the exception of the BCH holders - has described as unethical. On websites, apps, wallets and social media, he has worked on renaming some cryptos; BTC is, according to him, "Bitcoin Core" and BCH is "Bitcoin". This practice has resulted in serious monetary losses for many (especially for newbies), who have sent money from their Bitcoin wallets to some BCash wallets believing it to be the original currency. The issue is further aggravated since Ver's website is one of the first search results of "Bitcoin" on Google, and its wallet appears as the first choice when searching for "how to buy bitcoin". One of the practices for which he has become famous is to change the name of BTC and to take the change of name to BCH as "offensive." This has been criticized on many occasions but was especially evident in an interview with John Carvalho for the channel Bitcoin Error Log, in which he ended the interview by giving the interviewer the finger. The interviewer referred to BCH as "Bcash" and constantly referred to BTC as Bitcoin Core. Ver's frustrations were evident: "I'm being insulted here; I don't need to be insulted by you. I have enough money; I was a self-made multi-millionaire before I ever got involved in Bitcoin. I don't need to have my buttons pushed by people like you on the internet. It's Bitcoin Cash" In the blockchain of his website, it can be seen that (until a few hours ago), the page listed the token in a somewhat confusing way: After these actions, a group of users decided to organize to sue the company for fraud. The website served as a way to bring together all those who felt deceived by such practices. The Telegram channel already has more than 1100 members interested in supporting this initiative that has decided to take the famous rivalry to a much more serious stage than the typical social network fights. After the growing popularity of this legal situation became known, several personalities have taken sides on each party, generating an interesting debate about the legitimacy of Roger Ver's strategy. One of those who spoke out at first was Charlie Lee, who at first dismissed the importance of the lawsuit by calling it stupid, but then by analyzing the dimensions it had taken, encouraged the community to carry on with the initiative by taking sides in favor of the plaintiffs. Another website that took parties, this time in support of was Coingeek. In an open letter, its founder, Calvin Ayre mentioned that one of the reasons he chose sides was for the implementation of the SegWit protocol. "It is clear to anyone who knows the history and technology that Bitcoin BTC is inaccurately using the Bitcoin name and has forked to Segwit technology and is no longer bitcoin or even a cryptocurrency." The Twitter account @moneyTrigz also gave its opinion on the reasons why it considers a fraudulent site. A few hours ago, Bitcoin decided to change the way they published their content. Although neither Roger Ver nor the team has issued any pronouncements, in some places where they referred to BCH as BTC, they corrected the error. When the community noticed this change, opinions were quick to follow. Many consider this action a victory for the Bitcoin community despite the fact that there is still no real legal action yet. It is not yet known if the team will change the rest of the references. However, it is a good sign for the community to clarify these concerns that have caused financial damages to so many people. Featured Image: Depositphotos/© apoint

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