Bitcoin Cash Update: CNBC’s Poll Favor’s BTC over BCH

CNBC's Poll

CNBC’s poll was another blow to Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts on top of an already declining coin price. Bitcoin Cash price declined at a robust pace in the last two weeks despite its anticipated hard fork event. The fourth largest coin traded below $1,200 today for the first time this month. BCH coin had hit a three-months-high of $1,800 on May 6.

CNBC's Poll

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BCH bulls failed to capitalize on the awaited hard fork event on May 15. The Bitcoin Cash network is now officially upgraded to 32 MB from its previous 8MB, and its developers have also introduced several other enticing developments in the last couple of months.

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Bulls Expect BCH to Replace BTC

Big influencers such as Roger Ver, expect Bitcoin Cash to replace Bitcoin (BTC) as the leading coin in the cryptocurrency market.

The Bitcoin expert stated: “The economic path that bitcoin cash is on is the one that led to bitcoin’s original success,” Ver said. “I’m incredibly bullish on bitcoin cash for the same reasons I was bullish on bitcoin back in 2011.”

CNBC’s Poll: The Majority Think Differently

CNBC's Poll

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The latest CNBC poll, however, shows that investors are more confident in putting their money in Bitcoin rather than Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin is dominating the market, and the majority of investors think it will remain to do so.

The poll results are quite depressing for BCH bulls. They were expecting the immediate rally in Bitcoin Cash price amid the infrastructure upgrade – which has improved its transacting time and fee compared to many other dominating networks including Bitcoin.

A Twitter user says: “Damn I’m disappointed with BCH, I was really hoping that it would take the 3rd spot in the crypto-rankings.”

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