Tron (TRX) Announces Accelerated Main Net Launch Date

Last week, Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, announced via his personal Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) that Tron’s main net launch date would be advanced. Three days later, after the usual scrutiny for his usual vague announcements for bigger upcoming announcements, he informed TRX ‘hodlers’ that the details of said announcement would be out this week.

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Don’t yell at me for the meme above, you have to admit it’s pretty hilarious and fitting.

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Via a translated Medium post this morning, the Tron Foundation announced this date in an interview with the project’s technical team. Lucien Chen, Tron’s CTO, confirmed that the test net date has not been changed and is still set for March 31st. There have been no additional changes to the test net and will function very similarly to the main net. Chen confirmed that the new launch date of Tron’s main net has been moved from July 1st to May 31st. This is great news for Tron enthusiasts.

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Chen and the 50 member technical team were able to bump up the main net due to grading all the main net functions according to user needs. The main net will consist of every function of the test net but will have additional high priority functions. The functions that were graded lower on the priority scale will be added after May 31st in the form of version upgrades.

Lucien was asked about the architecture of Tron by the interviewer and he said:

“Tron has a 3-layer architecture, which includes storage layer, core layer, and application layer. In the storage layer, we designed Tron unique distributed storage protocol, including block storage and state storage. In the design of underlying storage, we introduced the idea of graph database to meet the needs of diverse data storage in the real world. In the middle layer, we have designed the modules of smart contracts, account management, consensus and so on… In order to better serving developers to create Dapps, we chose Java as the smart contract language, followed by future support of other advanced languages… In the application layer, the developer can use the interface to easily bring about abundant Dapps and implement the wallet by themselves. Finally, the contract of TRON is completely defined by google protobuf, and naturally supports multilingual extensions.”

Tron uses a polished POS consensus in order to attain a higher TPS. An app will be launching at the same time of the main net launch, which is also a huge announcement. While EOS and Tron may look very similar, Tron’s team wants to inform the crypto world that their main focus is on perfecting its core functions rather than spreading itself too thin with versatility.

At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0459 a coin, up 4.96%, in 24 hours. It seems the official announcement has boosted TRX’s price and as word continues to spread, I predict the coin soar higher.

What are your thoughts?

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