PURA Aurora Launches Today, Big Things to Come

PURA Aurora
Pura Aurora launches today! The Pura project was initiated back in 2016 with a vision to lightning speed payment coin for the masses. At the time, the Pura team evaluated all the coins on the cryptocurrency market and recognized DASH as the leading payment coin and facilitator. From there Pura’s core team of developers developed an advanced version of the DASH blockchain named ‘PURA DAWN.’ Pura Dawn was released back in late September 2017. The update brought things such as Instapay, Privatepay, Masternode system, and fair mining. Behind the scenes of the update in September, the Pura dev team were working on something even bigger that is launching any day.

The Bigger and Better: PURA AURORA

Pura Aurora introduces all new specs to the Pura blockchain such as an auto-updating crypto wallet, hard-fork-less blockchain, mobile mining and network optimization driven by Artifical Intelligence. The new wallet is integrated into the new ecosystem which updates with new features automatically and doesn’t require any hard forks. Pura Aurora launches March 8th and will be the last fork for the Pura network. Once the update occurs, the AI protocol will completely take over. Users of this new ecosystem, do everything through the new Pura dashboard where you can send or receive Pura coins. Their dev team says transactions occur securely, quickly, and at an extremely low fee. Once launched, Pura nodes would be able to validate up to 106,000 transactions per second, the fastest currently in the world. The coolest thing I’ve found with the new upgrade is that individuals can mine Pura on a mobile device, without the need to run an actual node. The company has changed their hash and difficulty functions making it easier to mine on mobile devices. All users just have to set the speed they would like to mine Pura on their phone, and that’s it. In addition to that PURA releases the world’s first “auto-deploying masternode service”, where every user can set up a masternode, where 100.000 PURA as required to store on the wallet, with a Button-Push only! No need for users to set up a server and no need for programming skills. This is an important step to mass adoption! Pura Aurora will be available on Windows 32 and 64, Linux, MaxOS, Android, iOS and a comfortable Webwallet.

Rewards & Distribution

Pura not only rewards its miners and masternodes but the team has prioritized incentivizing store owners to accept their digital token and they call it “Proof of Acceptance.” Merchants that currently accept Visa or Mastercard in their stores have to pay those card companies a fee to accept them, but with Pura, the merchant who accepts the digital token earns up to 9% back on purchases made in their store using the digital token. As per a Pura blog post, the projected distribution of coins will be as such: Number of PURA blocks mined per day (on average, varies +/-2%): 1,550 blocks Blocksize of each block mined (average): 10.0 PURA After the upcoming release, the 10.0 PURA from each block will be distributed as follows: Miners:                            2.0 PURA Full Masternodes:        5.16 PURA Common Nodes:          0.4 PURA Proof of Acceptance:  1.0 PURA PuraPlanet:                  1.0 PURA Governance:                0.44 PURA To own a Pura Common Node requires only owning 1,000 Pura coins and does not require additional or special web hosting. With the calculations above, this portrays that Pura masternodes after the update will receive 3,100 Pura a day in total for all masternodes and the common nodes will receive around 620. However, each year after the Pura Aurora release, the 10 Pura reward will decrease by 8%. Also, the “Proof of Acceptance” protocol will not launch immediately, but it is anticipated for Q3 2018. Each merchant will also be rewarded by the pool for accepting Pura.


This ‘Pura Planet’ is set to launch soon and the company will take a certain percentage of Pura mining rewards and the funds will be donated to a cause of the communities choice. The Pura team is planning projects within fields such as water cleaning, food supply, energy and water conservation for developing countries around the globe.


The PURA coin had phenomenal growth in the year 2017 and grew over 900,000%. You can currently trade for this coin on Kucoin, Cryptopia, CoinExchange, and C-CEX.

Source: Bitscreener

At the moment, the PURA coin is trading significantly below its recent moving averages due to market-wide correction, so it’s currently undervalued, and gains are to be had from investing.  The short-term upside for PURA coin is to break above $0.70 level we saw last week, with $0.80 being the long-term target, while the downside is around its current price level near $0.55. From the technical side, the PURA coin is now in a bullish territory as seen from its Relative Strength Index (RSI) score, which is under 50.  This is also reaffirmed by the MACD indicators. Featured Image: Steemkr

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