NEO and Stellar (XLM): The Best Altcoins of 2018

NEO and Stellar (XLM)

Crypto took off in 2017. Now, in 2018, there are over 1,500 cryptocurrencies fighting for attention, making it hard to decide where to focus first.

Here is a list of reasons why you should be paying attention to NEO and Stellar (XLM) in 2018. Will they be the best coins of the year? We like them, and we’ll tell you why. Then, you can decide for yourself.


NEO, known by many as the Chinese Ethereum, is looking to create a smarter economy while facilitating the transfer of digital and traditional assets. NEO is China’s first open-source blockchain (which is almost ironic given China’s sentiments on crypto). Essentially, NEO is meant to be a digital representative of non-digital assets. Like Ethereum, NEO uses smart contracts to trigger its call-to-actions. This means someone could set up a NEO smart contract to automatically pay off their credit card bill, for example.

Much of the interest in NEO comes from its association with Onchain. Onchain developed out of NEO as a way of separating the digital currency from the blockchain development team. Onchain helps businesses to integrate blockchain technology into their day-to-day operations. NEO’s relationship with Onchain helps to bring business ventures to the platform, which aid in its growth.

NEO came after Ethereum. This is significant because it means that NEO was able to learn from Ethereum’s mistakes and improve upon its functions. For one thing, smart contracts via NEO can be coded using the most common programming languages that developers actually know, rather than forcing developers to learn a whole new script. Additionally, NEO is already in the proof-of-stake stage, whereas Ethereum is stuck in proof-of-work.

China hasn’t yet taken any action against NEO. This is also huge. China has started battle after battle against crypto, but NEO? NEO has been left alone. Does that mean that China supports it? Not necessarily, but it does mean that NEO will, for the time being, be able to continue growing in the Chinese market, which is a significant player in the crypto world. This could account for NEO’s substantial growth already and could drive the altcoin even further this year.

There are also many ICOs launching on NEO’s network, which shows the interest NEO has generated among the global developer community.

NEO has used Ethereum as its springboard and 2018 is sure to be the year we start seeing some major NEO developments. NEO has always been developing towards the future – addressing future demands before they come up. It will be exciting to see what projects NEO has in store for us this year.

Currently selling for $110.08, NEO is ranked as the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Since this time last year, NEO has grown 82,729%.

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Stellar (XLM)

Stellar was launched with the concept of distribution payment in mind. It is an open-source network that connects with global exchanges. The Stellar Lumens token, XLM, can be exchanged for any fiat currency, making it an ideal transaction token. The fast processing rates and low fees of transactions are also a plus.

The platform aims to connect banks, payments systems, and people. The goal is to move money quickly and reliably at practically no cost. Sound familiar? Ripple (XRP) and Stellar have formed around many similar concepts, but there are major differences you should be aware of.

Stellar is one of those coins that is strongly backed by its community. This has been one of the main driving forces behind the coin. Those who believe in Stellar believe hard. For good reason too: is committed to globally spreading low-cost financial services to help fight poverty and maximize individual potential. Stellar is more than just a coin; it’s about making a difference. Stellar’s ventures in this include partnering with the Praekelt Foundation.

Stellar’s partnerships have also entered the business world. Already, Stellar has partnered with IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Barclays (NYSE:BCS), among others. All of these institutions are now offering XLM transactions for their clients. This was huge news when it was announced, and it’s still a powerful force behind the Stellar network.

While not immediately associated with ICOs, Stellar is growing in this realm as well. Many upcoming ICOs are showing interest in Stellar’s platform. Stellar’s platform makes a good base for ICOs: it has a built-in exchange where tokens can be listed directly, instead of having to go through a third-party; it’s a cheaper and somewhat more efficient platform, and it is set up with security in mind. It’s a simple base to start from and is easy to use. Mobius was the first ICO to launch on Stellar.

Then there’s the Stellar Build Challenge. This is an ongoing program that encourages innovation and development on the Stellar network. The 6th Stellar Build Challenge (deadline March 15, 2018) is looking specifically for quality. The winners will receive 550,000 lumens. Stellar is initiating its own growth through these challenges. It helps to get people excited about the network and more involved with it.

Stellar is currently selling for $0.352149 and is the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Since this time last year, Stellar has grown by 15,052%. How much will it grow this year?

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What coins do you think will dominate 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

With either of these coins and all other coins on the market, don’t fall into the trap of overtrading or FOMO. Neither NEO nor Stellar is going anywhere, so don’t panic. Get in when it’s the right time for you, not just when the market is taking off. Remember that the market is going to downswing at some point; don’t panic here either by selling off all your coins – that’s what causes crashes and will also put you into the spiral of exchange fees.

Do your research, invest only what you can afford to lose, and have fun with it! This is crypto, after all.

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