Litecoin Price Watch – LTC/USD Holds Support At $156

Litecoin Price Watch

Key Highlights:

  • Coming off a seven-day high of $166.56 this weekend, Litecoin dropped down below $150 before bouncing back to its current price of $158.50
  • A critical support level is established at $156
  • The bollinger bands are showing a triangle pattern, taking LTC to a range between $157 and $159

Litecoin Holds Support At $156

Litecoin managed to reach a weekly high of $166.56 this past weekend, after which it began to move downward to as low as $142.75 before bouncing back above $150. The recent price movements have established a critical support level at $156. A minor bullish trend is forming, although the short-term upside is likely just short of $160.

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Litecoin Price Watch

Source: Tradingview

The bollinger bands are confirming what resembles a triangle pattern in the coin’s price movement, and LTC in the short term could fluctuate between $157 and $159. However, the candlestick patterns and MACD lines are giving a bearish signal, taking LTC toward the bottom of that price range.

The interesting part is whether LTC will break above $160 once again, as that is required for it to return to its two-week high near $170. For now, that’s unlikely to happen without a bullish signal.

Looking at the Technical Indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands — Weak bearish signal
  • MACD — LTC is currently in a bearish zone
  • Major Support Level — $156
  • Major Resistance Level — $160

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