Bitcoin Gold(BCG), Ethereum Classic(ETC), & Bitcoin Cash(BCH) Update

Forked Altcoins
All but two cryptocurrencies in the top 100, are making steady gains on today's market. The Bitcoin (BTC) forked altcoins Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), have been making a strong price surge lately. Ethereum Classic(ETC), a forked coin from Ethereum(ETH) has come out of the woodworks, after being extremely stagnant lately. Let's get into some details of these forked altcoins. >> Crypto Olympics Day 1 Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Forked Altcoins

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Bitcoin Gold was established and successfully forked in October of 2017. BTG received most of its fame from the SegWit2X fork. Just recently, a new Bitcoin Gold mobile wallet was released that has over 10,000 downloads. Its community is continually expanding as the team is keen on giveaways. BTG is one of the biggest gainers today. At press time, BTG is trading at $160.22 a coin, up 56.51% in 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Forked Altcoins

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Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash(BCH) was among the top gainers gaining almost 30%. There was no new news on the cryptocurrency, as to new developments of the actual project. However, it continues to make gains despite an unexpected halt to all Binance transactions, for about 24 hours. There were a few predictions as to why it shot up, including this random Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) post about individuals buying BCH from an ATM thinking it was BTC. However, the actual reason remains unknown. BCH is currently trading at $1,298.21 a coin, up 1%, in 24 hours. >> Bitcoin Cash News Ethereum Classic (ETC) Forked Altcoins

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Ethereum Classic has had a bumpy ride since its launch back in 2016. The coin shot up in June and again in December but has since been extremely volatile. It remains at the top 17 spot for all cryptocurrencies with a $2.5 billion total market cap. Currently, ETC is trading at $25.91 a coin, up 24.10%, in 24 hours. It remains unknown what the coin will do next but for now, it remains bullish. Featured Image: CNN

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