Ethereum(ETH), Stellar(XLM), & NEO Get a Push


The G20 summit in Argentina has pushed the cryptocurrency market out of the hole Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) put it in last week. It started when just before the summit began, Mark Carney, the Financial Stability Board chairman, addressed the global financial leaders saying that he doesn’t see cryptocurrency as a “risk” to the global financial system.

After a two day deliberation, talking about much more than just cryptocurrency, the group came to the conclusion that there was no need to regulate the overall cryptocurrency industry, moving forward. This news has pushed Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies price upward.

Ethereum (ETH)

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There has yet to be any big updates regarding the scaling issue and the Ethereum teams efforts in solving it. Still, these things take time and it seems like all the new games and decentralized applications that have just launched on its network haven’t suffered immensely.

This morning, it was reported that Coinbase had a glitch in their Ethereum smart contracts and individuals were able to reward themselves with infinite ETH. They paid off the Dutch fintech company in a bounty of $10,000. Since it was so long ago and it flew under the radar, it remains unknown if anyone held the glitch on their wallets and used it to become billionaires.

We will update of any new breaking news on Ethereum.

At press time, ETH is trading at $572.84 a coin, up 5.04%, in 24 hours.

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Stellar (XLM)

Stellar just recently announced three partnerships that have yet to positively affect its price. The first was a partnership with BluepanNet, which happens to be one of the largest remittance institutions around the globe. The company ditched Bitcoin and has now successfully completed a test net with Stellar integrations. The team at BluepanNet hopes to lower its transactions fees by a large amount from sending cross-border payments all across Asia.

Stellar also signed a deal with Irene Energy, who moved from the Ethereum network to the Stellar Lumens platform.

Lastly, Koinex just listed XLM on its platform. However, the G20 announcement has pushed the cryptocurrency upward but it’s a bit disappointing that these large announcements did nothing for its price. It doesn’t help that they were around the time of the major Google debacle.

At press time, XLM is trading at $0.261 a coin, up 1.73%.


There has yet to be any big news on the NEO ecosystem as of late.

They will be holding 6 events in various cities for their APAC tour. You can view the cities and dates of those here.

At press time, NEO is trading at $74.60 a coin, up 1.93%, in 24 hours. GAS is trading at $24.36 a coin, up 4.63%.

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