Ethereum (ETH), EOS, DASH, & IOTA Fall

Ethereum (ETH)

It has been a rough day on the cryptocurrency market, as only 3 coins within the top 100 are currently seeing gains.

Ethereum (ETH)

Source: CoinMarketCap

Ethereum’s price has been on a downward fall this week. There hasn’t been an update lately, regarding how the “sharding” is coming along. Lately, Ethereum’s founder has been clearing the air via Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) regarding someone posing as him giving away free ETH. He wants everyone to know, he is not just giving away ETH and has even changed his name on the social media platform to say as such – pretty hilarious. Enough with clearing the rumors Buterin, we want updates! As these things take some serious time, hopefully, some sort of news is brought to light as ETH is headed to dip under the $800 price point, again.

At press time, ETH is trading at $814.39 a coin, down -4.51%, in 24 hours.


Source: CoinMarketCap

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While EOS is purely a concept at this point, many believe EOS could overtake Ethereum towards the end of this year. Dawn 3.0 is set to emerge sometime soon as a stable early alpha and it will become the corporation’s Github master branch. When EOS is fully developed and launched it is set to become the only blockchain platform that will be able to handle full-scale commercial DApps. Since it will be able to handle such large applications, it will become a developers dreamland and potential go-to blockchain.

With only being in its developmental stage, it has gained quite an audience as it is currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency – which is extremely impressive.

EOS has been on a massive decline in price this week though. At press time, EOS is trading at $7.21 a coin, down -10.25%, in 24 hours.

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Source: CoinMarketCap

As you can see above, DASH’s price has seen a crazy amount of volatility this week. Surprisingly, the coin has completely plummeted today despite huge news for the Arizona based cryptocurrency.

News just broke today that the first cryptocurrency ETF is establishing a DASH master node and will distribute the rewards it receives to ETF token holders. This news should have pushed the coin up in price, but maybe news hasn’t broken to DASH holders and mainstream news yet. This is a positive step for the DASH project and digital currency, hopefully, it pushes its price up.

At press time, DASH is trading at $574.65 a coin, down -6.02%.


Source: CoinMarketCap

There was big news announced today for IOTA as well. Tomorrow, IOTA’s smart contract beta testing will begin on Tangle and you could easily see the coin rising in price. Presently, IOTA is fully scalable, feeless, and available for wider adoption. If this beta deems successful, MIOTA could see prices as high as $5 by Q4 2018.

At press time, MIOTA is currently trading at $1.69 a coin, down -9.40%, in 24 hours.

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