EOS, Tron [TRX], & Ontology [ONT] Take Off – BIG Things Ahead

To start off Thursday, the cryptocurrency market as a whole is sitting just above $250 billion. Most of the market was in the red yesterday, but it seems most coins are making a comeback today. Let's take a look at the market's leaders.


While there hasn't been any big news in regards to the EOS roadmap or project, EOS's founder updates his medium blog quite frequently with insights into their development. If you currently hold EOS, I recommend that you follow his medium posts or Twitter page. While most of his posting is high-level jargon explaining the intricacies of the protocols chosen for EOS, it is still a good idea to keep up with its progress and potential competitive advantage the project holds against the rest. At press time, EOS is trading at $6.06 a coin, up 7.07%, in 24 hours. >> Cardano vs. EOS

Tron [TRX]

Tron's test net was launched almost a week ago but its price has continued to drop since then. It appears a few investors took profits from the TRX price surge pre-test net launch. However, two major exchanges just picked up the cryptocurrency and it is now leading the entire market in price gains. The Bitthumb and UPbit exchange news has caused TRX to jump above 25% in price gains in the last 24 hours. What is also impressive is that presently TRX is third in trading volume across the entire cryptocurrency market. TRX is currently behind Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether but is trading above Ethereum (ETH). At press time, TRX is trading at $0.0383 a coin, up 26.54%, in 24 hours. >> Tron Test Net Launch

Ontology [ONT]

Ontology is just behind Tron today in price gains - but what is it? Currently, Ontology sits as the 27th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It was launched back in 2017 by the Chinese company, Onchain. Ontology is a blockchain platform designed for businesses, to help them integrate the technology in their current infrastructure without any prior knowledge of blockchain. The project describes itself as: “Ontology is a blockchain/distributed ledger network which combines a distributed identity system, distributed data exchange, distributed data collaboration, distributed procedure protocols, distributed communities, distributed attestation, and various industry-specific modules. Together this builds the infrastructure for a peer-to-peer trust network which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross-industry, cross-application, and cross-device.” NEO's co-founder is currently the CEO of Onchain and both projects seek to build a broad ecosystem using blockchain technology. You can view their relationship in the video below. At press time, ONT is trading at $2.71 a coin, up 20.14%, in 24 hours. You can trade for ONT on Binance, Huobi, Gate.io, OKex, Kucoin, Bitbns, and Abucoins. Featured Image: Aviation

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