EOS, NEO, Ethereum [ETH], and Icon [ICX] – Lift Off

The cryptocurrency market has begun to stabilize. Just recently, the erroneous talk of Bitcoin's "death" has kicked up again but it seems the top cryptocurrency is about to climb over the $7,000 mark today, once more. Everyone loves reading about drama and nothing would make big banks happier than to see cryptocurrency fall. Today we're taking a look at the coins making the biggest splash on the market EOS, NEO, Ethereum [ETH], and Icon [ICX]. Despite the cryptocurrency market downfall from its record highs in early January, it seems the market and coins have begun to slightly mimic the stock market. Coins aren't rising hundreds of dollars a day in value like they were in late-2017 but this is a good thing.  


The EOS project just released it's first feature-complete pre-release, EOSIO Dawn 3.0, and it was uploaded directly to Github. What was once seen by many cryptocurrency experts as a "lofty goal" has now flourished, and is only months away from its first full release. EOSIO 1.0 is set to launch in June of this year and EOS's ERC20 tokens will be moved from the Ethereum platform and will run the EOS blockchain. That being said, EOS's price run-up today can be attributed to the ramp up to the launch. EOS

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At press time, EOS is trading at $7.22 a coin, up 19.48%, in 24 hours. For the month, EOS is up 19% but year-to-date, EOS is down -16%. >> Cardano vs. EOS


There haven't been any new updates from the NEO team, regarding foundational implementations and upgrades to the NEO ecosystem. However, currently, the team is gearing up for a European tour this month, which could be the reason for its spike in price. NEO is known as China's Ethereum and it seems the team is hoping to expand globally. European investors have probably gained more knowledge in the NEO ecosystem, before the up-and-coming workshop talks. EOS


At press time, NEO is trading at $56.85 a coin, up 9.23%, in 24 hours. GAS is currently trading at $16.34 a coin, up 6.66%. Ethereum [ETH] ETH has currently broken over the $400 mark. There haven't been any new updates foundationally on the Ethereum platform. However, Ethereum's most hyped decentralized application Golem has gone live. Golem is an application that pays people to use their extra CPU they aren't using on their computer. EOS


ETH is currently trading at $420.10 a coin, up 2.97%, in 24 hours. >> Ethereum vs. Tron Icon [ICX] Icon launched last year and it has already broken the top 20 cryptocurrencies. At press time, it is currently at the 24th spot but has gained some major ground early on. Loop is the technology that syncs multiple blockchains and allows them to seamlessly communicate with one another. This is something seriously lacking in the crypto space.   The South Korean giant synchs with Davincia labs artificial intelligence technology, which aids in the continuous assessment of risk in the banking sector. A number of major banks are already using this technology. ICX currently uses delegated proof of stake algorithm, where rewards are given monthly to anyone taking coins. This incentivizes larger investors to put their money into ICON. At press time, ICX is trading at $2.24 a coin, up 6.91%, in 24 hours. Featured Image: Unsplash

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