Crypto Olympics: TRON (TRX) vs. Lisk (LSK)

crypto olympics

Welcome to the Crypto Olympics!

Coin vs. Coin – who will be crowned the Crypto Olympics Champ?

This is how it’s going to work: we’ll start with two coins, then we monitor their gains and losses throughout the day, on the hour. The finish line is 4:00 pm PST. Whichever coin crosses the finish line with the highest percentage gain (or whichever coin lost the least in the case where they’re both down) will be the winner of the day. Then, the next round begins the following morning with two new coins. The rounds will be broken down by the chart below. By the end of February 25th, we will have our ultimate coin!

Today’s competing coins will be, drumroll please, TRON (TRX) VS. LISK (LSK)! And the crowds go wild!


TRON currently ranks as the 15th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. TRON is decentralizing content one step at a time. This altcoin is looking to create a platform on which content creators can be compensated for sharing their content.

Source: CoinMarketCap

TRON has been gearing up for the competition all week, and as the morning progresses, the coin has hit full sprint mode. TRX’s current selling price is $0.042250. Its movement in the past 24 hours started to kick off in the early morning hours, and now the coin is up by 17.05%.

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Will TRON be able to pace itself enough to keep the momentum going all day? We shall soon find out!

Lisk (LSK)

Lisk is focused on producing decentralized blockchain apps. This public blockchain platform began in 2016 and started making headway in June of 2017. Lisk currently ranks as the 14th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Lisk’s climb has been slow and steady in the past 24 hours. The current selling price of LSK is $26.15, meaning the coin is up 16.07%.

Will Lisk pull off the underdog role and snatch the winning title out from TRON?

TRON may be the younger coin, but so far it is in the lead ahead of Lisk. The race is close, though, so it’s anyone’s game at this point!

Vote in the comments below which coin you think will experience the most momentum today.

The race is over!

It was a close race today, an exciting first round to our Crypto Olympics!

The winner is… TRON!

Within our timeframe (9am-4pm PST), TRON gained 13.08%. Lisk was close behind in percentage gains for the past 24 hours, but within our timeframe, the coin only grew by 4.32%.

Congratulations to TRON, the first winner of the Crypto Olympics!

TRON will now be moving into the next round. Will TRX make it all the way to the podium?

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Featured image: RSCA-Racing

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