NEO, Lisk (LSK), Monero (XMR), & Tron (TRX) Update

Altcoin Update

Altcoin Update: Cryptocurrencies are finally making a comeback, after a rough start this week. Various countries trying to implement anti-crypto regulations has caused major panic selling in the last few weeks. Despite the major market corrections, it seems that crypto investors have gained some confidence. Most coins were up in the double-digit percentages yesterday and climbing. This could possibly be a temporary reprieve, as there have been various attempts to recover the market this past month. In the last few instances when the market grew quickly, individuals began liquidating assets.


NEO led the charge yesterday and in just under 48 hours, its price has rebounded just over 70%. Currently, the coin is selling for $116.34, up 29.80%, in 24 hours. There are no current new developments on the NEO project but it seems that many investors seem confident in its future.

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Lisk (LSK)

Lisk has been a coin that has been silently climbing the charts and now sits at the 15th largest cryptocurrency, just under Tron. LSK is launching a brand new identity and rebranding on the 20th of this month. Its team will unveil a new and improved Lisk platform with a new Lisk desktop and web app, Lisk wallet, and a new interface. Its Lisk Nano and Lisk explorer will be discontinued after the launch.

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Just yesterday, LSK was listed on and BitFlyer. Currently, the coin is trading at $20.37 a coin, up 28.11%, in 24 hours. With its rebranding just around the corner, if you were questioning adding LSK to your portfolio, now would be the time. You can trade for the digital currency on Bittrex, Binance, BitBay, Livecoin, HitBTC, and Upbit.

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Monero (XMR)

Despite all the negative news that Monero has been receiving this past week, the coin is making a surge on the market today. Many reports have surfaced recently that multiple Android phones, iPhones, and TVs were infected by Hackers to mine Monero on their devices. The Chinese cybersecurity team at Netlab360 uncovered this hack. However, this hack and negative news have yet to affect the price of XMR. Currently, it is trading for $230 a coin, up 23.71%, in 24 hours.

Tron (TRX)

What is Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation up to? Well, you can always count on new developments or announcement of “future” developments within the Tron community. Last week TRX was listed on Huobi. Justin Sun announced Sunday via Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) that the foundation will be launching a blog that will track daily tech development. The latest news that broke 12 hours ago is that TRX can now be deposited into the Peiwo app – China’s “Snapchat.”  Its founder said that you are now able to buy “virtual gifts” on the platform.

Currently, Tron is trading at $0.036 a coin, up 16.44%, in 24 hours.

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