Crypto World Cup: Satoshi Nakamoto Takes Home Third Place

63 games down and one more to go. Earlier, the Crypto World Cup third-place match took place, and, after a middling match, Satoshi Nakamoto secured the title of third place.

Some argue that the third-place game in the Crypto World Cup means nothing; after all, it’s not like the winning crypto player gets a bronze medal, like in the Olympics.

We disagree. We think getting to the third-place match in the Crypto World Cup is something to be proud of — even when being there means both crypto players lost in the semifinals. 

Crypto World Cup: Satoshi Nakamoto Comes in Third 

Satoshi Nakamoto and Justin Sun faced off for third place in the Crypto World Cup, not long after Nakamoto lost 1-0 in its semi-finals match to Charles Hoskinson, and Justin Sun lost, in what was one of the most heartbreaking games of my life, to Charlie Lee in extra-time.

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But despite the disappointment, despite the tears, both Satoshi Nakamoto and Justin Sun walked onto the pitch today, heads held high. 

Final Score: Satoshi Nakamoto 2-0 Justin Sun 

This game pretty much favored Satoshi Nakamoto, who scored within the first four minutes, and kept the 1-0 lead right through to halftime.

In the second half, it looked like Justin Sun may have been on the verge of a comeback. Satoshi Nakamoto was receiving yellow card after yellow card, an indication that he was feeling the pressure, and starting to get frustrated with Justin Sun. 

But a comeback never happened. In the 70th minute, it could have happened; Justin Sun almost scored, twice, in a span of two minutes. However, because of Nakamoto’s strong defense, the ball never met the back of the net.

12 minutes later, Satoshi Nakamoto knocked the ball into the bottom left-hand corner from inside the box, making the score 2-0. 

And that was it. Injury time did nothing; it was evident Justin Sun had given up after the second Nakamoto goal went in. 

No Time For Tears 

Like we said earlier, it’s a big deal to have even gotten this far. Satoshi Nakamoto was full of surprises throughout the entire tournament, and Justin Sun not only made history getting as far as he did, but he also provided a nation with hope.

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It’s a big deal to us, and, we hope Satoshi Nakamoto and Justin Sun feel the same. Now, however, all they can do is spend time with their loved ones, and, perhaps, watch the Charlie Lee vs. Charles Hoskinson game tomorrow (check back then!)

So congratulations to Satoshi Nakamoto for coming in third at the Crypto World Cup, and Justin Sun, you should feel extremely accomplished! 

Oh, and one more thing: there’s always the Crypto Euros, two years from now! 

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