Crypto World Cup Update: We are into the Quarterfinals!

Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals

The Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals are finally here!

Well, well, well we have found our final 8!

This year’s knock-out stages were a lot of fun for us watching, not so much for some of our crypto players who suffered devastating defeats (Andreas Antonopoulos anyone? Satoshi Nakamoto’s last-minute winning goal was so incredibly last minute it was hard to comprehend.)

And then there were the penalty shoot-outs — the word “exciting” doesn’t cut it. We had three deciders based on nail-biting penalty shoot-outs: Warren Buffet conceded to Justin Sun, Bill Barhydt to Charlie Lee and Tyler Winklevoss (shocking) to CryptoYoda. 

And while we are on CryptoYoda, let’s look at this closer. Tyler Winklevoss’s defeat to the Crypto World Cup host – can anyone understand this? T. Winklevoss is a kingpin in the world of crypto and to put it in context, the CryptoYoda was mocked by his own people for how poor he was at crypto (well, soccer). But hands up if you’re feeling sheepish now!

Now the host is heading into the quarterfinals and to re-iterate, not even his own people thought he could do it. I love a good underdog so even if the next game doesn’t bode well for him, CryptoYoda can definitely hold his head high and say he did his nation proud.

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Our table below will quickly catch you up on who’s left in and who has been booted out:

Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals

Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals

And as we progress to the Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals we can now concisely see the top 8 and how the battle for a place in the semi’s will look:

Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals

July 6th

The quarterfinals will kick off on July 6th. The first semi-finalists will be decided on that day, and the other semi-finalists decided on the 7th. Today let’s analyze the matches of July 6th.

The first game will see Brad Garlinghouse against Charles Hoskinson at 7.00am PT. That same day has Cameron Winklevoss facing Satoshi Nakamoto at 11.00am PT.

Brad Garlinghouse v Charles Hoskinson 

Two very strong foes. There is injury doubt surrounding Garlinghouse after he limped off the pitch following his defeat of John McAfee. It remains to be seen if he will arrive in full-form to this game. Hoskinson, on the other hand, is incredibly strong in the striking position and all fears of injury on his side are now allayed, being described as only a “minor scare.” He will be a formidable foe for Garlinghouse, who cannot afford to miss a beat in this game.

Cameron Winklevoss v Satoshi Nakamoto

Neither side has faced a bigger test than this in this world cup thus far. C. Winklevoss is a six-time Crypto World Cup winner and remains to be an obvious favorite, although his performance this year doesn’t seem reflective of such an achievement. None-the-less here he is against Satoshi, who narrowly scraped into this round thanks to that last minute goal against Andreas Antonopoulos. It’s arguably an even game in terms of stats. I can’t call it.

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Who Will Be Victorious?

We are down to the cream of the crop. I have placed no bets as this year’s tournament has proven to be anybody’s game and I already have a nervous disposition.

I wish all players a good and fair game (and keep the diving to a minimum lads, will you!?).

Here’s to the Crypto World Cup Quarterfinals!

Featured Image: Aljazeera America

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