Crypto World Cup Day 8: Vitalik Buterin vs. Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee
It's day 8 of the Crypto World Cup, and we have some of the biggest players facing off with one another. Charlie Lee will play against Vitalik Buterin in a nail-biting match. Plus, Charles Hoskinson, Apolo Ohno, Bill Barhydt, and Tiffany Hayden. You won't want to miss it! If you don't know them all yet, meet the players of our Crypto World Cup.

Check out the results and highlights of today's games

Match 1: Bill Barhydt 1-1 Tiffany Hayden

Going into their second game each, Barhydt has one up on Hayden. Bill Barhydt won his last game against Apolo Ohno, whereas Tiffany Hayden lost her last match against Charles Hoskinson. Hayden was looking to turn things around for herself, but was Barhydt the one to beat? Coming off a win from his last game, Barhydt sure wasn't going to go down without a fight. Going into the match, many favoured Barhydt to win. Both competitors put up a scrappy front, each managing to score a goal, tying the game and giving themselves each two points. But without a win today, Hayden's soccer days may be coming to a close.

Match 2: Charles Hoskinson 1-0 Apolo Ohno

Hoskinson was definitely the one to beat in his match against Ohno, but Ohno couldn't quite pull through. With two games now lost, there's no way Apolo Ohno is going to make it into the next round. Hoskinson has been in the crypto developing game longer than Ohno, and his experience showed today. The chances are high that Hoskinson, along with Barhydt, will be moving onto the next round, leaving behind Ohno and Hayden to lick their wounds.

Match 3: Vitalik Buterin 0-3 Charlie Lee 

Here's the game that everyone was waiting for - Vitalik Buterin vs. Charlie Lee. You could say this was the ultimate showdown. With the bigger cryptocurrency behind him, Buterin was favoured to win, but Lee's no new fish to the crypto sea. Some of his goals might have been a bit suspect, but, ultimately, he was the better player today. Now, Buterin's future in the competition is at stake. Will he manage to recover his game in his next match? >> Check out Day 7 of the Crypto World Cup Featured image: Evening Standard

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