Crypto World Cup Day 6: Warren Buffett vs. Andreas Antonopoulos

Warren Bufffett
Day 6 of the Crypto World cup has arrived and one of the biggest crypto bears out there comes with it - Warren Buffett! Does crypto reign supreme today or was Warren able to slash his claws and bring it down? Check out all that and more at the Crypto World Cup! If you don't know them all yet, meet the players of our Crypto World Cup.

Check out the results and highlights of today's games

Match 1: Warren Buffett 1-2 Andreas Antonopoulos

Warren Buffett is known in the crypto world as a huge bear - in other words, he's not a fan of crypto, particularly Bitcoin (BTC). So everyone was especially interested in witnessing the match between him and Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos. Buffett fired shots all throughout the game, going so far as to get one past Antonopoulos. But Antonopoulos wasn't going down without a fight! Antonopoulos got two shots in, winning the match for himself and for Bitcoin. That's what the power of Bitcoin is all about people! Take that crypto bears.

Match 2: Don Tapscott 1-2 Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey's gameplay was a pleasant surprise today, doing better than many crypto enthusiasts thought he would. Don Tapscott may have gotten one goal in, but it wasn't enough to beat Dorsey in a great game. Dorsey and Tapscott fought hard, but Dorsey came out on top.

Match 3: CryptoYoda 3-1 Erik Voorhees

This was the second match for CryptoYoda and Erik Voorhees. CryptoYoda won in an absolute wipeout his last game, while Voorhees lost to Brad Garlinghouse. This time around, the streaks continued for both players, CryptoYoda slamming Erik Voorhees. Voorhees did get one goal in, but it was on a penalty and Voorhees' inability to properly get past CryptoYoda's defence line showed. Who do you think will make it into the next round? Who will win the Crypto World Cup? >> Check out Day 5 of the Crypto World Cup Featured image: FourFourTwo

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