Crypto World Cup Day 23: Charlie Lee vs. Justin Sun

Charlie Lee

Whelp, that just happened. Day 23 of the Crypto World Cup has Charlie Lee facing off against Justin Sun and, boy, is it a doozy!

In a nail-biting turn of events, Charlie Lee manages to just scrape by a win, as Justin Sun plays a messy game.

The Crypto World Cup is almost over now. All that’s left now are the third-place play-off and the highly anticipated final game. Be sure to check back in on Sunday for the final match of the season!

Let’s take a closer look at today’s game

Charlie Lee 2-1 Justin Sun

Many people, including myself (perhaps wishful thinking on my part), thought Justin Sun had this game completely in the bag. But, Lee showed just how strong he really is in the world of crypto and whooped Sun hard.

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Things started bright in the world of Justin Sun today. A mere five minutes into the game and Sun had already scored a goal – and what a beautiful goal it was! The TRON Dogs were going mad with celebration as Sun held of Lee for a large portion of the game.

Justin Sun made it out of the first half of the game still in the lead one – nil. He continued his lead through much of the second half of the game as well, but then disaster struck, and Charlie Lee managed to put one in the goal with about 20 minutes left in the game. Now, the TRON Dogs were going mad with rage.

To the dismay of Sun supporters and the utter glee of Lee fans, the clock ticked down and the game ended in a tie, 1 – 1. The match went into extra time, and Sun looked to be going between stages of fighting hard and losing all hope.

Then, all hope really was lost for Sun, as Lee scored his second – and ultimately winning – goal of the game. With only ten minutes left in overtime, Sun was looking pretty defeated.

As some would say – Charlie Lee didn’t win that game, Justin Sun LOST it.

But, c’est la vie. Lee now moves onto the finals against Charles Hoskinson, and Sun must be content to retake Satoshi Nakamoto for third place (and the TRON dogs must lick their wounds).

Who are you rooting for now? Charlie Lee or Charles Hoskinson?

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Featured image: Zimbio

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