Crypto World Cup Day 21: Justin Sun vs. Willy Woo

Justin Sun
It's Crypto World Cup Day 21. Justin Sun takes on Willy Woo and Charlie faces off against CryptoYoda. Who will move on and who will be knocked out? Today's the final day of the quarterfinals and the last chance to take your guesses at the final two teams who will be moving into the semifinal round. How did the games go today? Let's take a look!

Check out the results and highlights of today's games

Match 1: Willy Woo 0-2 Justin Sun

On paper, this seemed like it would be a simple match. No way, the hardcore fans all said, no way would Willy Woo beat Justin Sun. And they were right. Justin Sun got two goals, while Woo was left with zip, zilch, nada, thus knocking him out of the competition and catapulting Sun into his much desired semi-final place. Troniacs are still screaming, and the parties will, no doubt, be going all through the night.

Match 2: CryptoYoda 2 (3)-2 (4) Charlie Lee

Perhaps the more nail-biting match of the day was CryptoYoda facing off against Charlie Lee. We've been waiting a long time for this game, and boy, it did not disappoint! CryptoYoda scored the first goal of the game, taking an early lead, but it was a short-lived victory. A mere eight minutes later, Charlie Lee scored a beaut - GOOOOOOALLLL! - and tied things up, 1-1. The game remained tied for the rest of the first half and all of the second half, forcing the teams to go into overtime. In overtime, Lee scored the first score, and again the crowds went wild. Lee looked like he had it in the bag! But with minutes to spare, CryptoYoda put one in the net, tying things up again. The game turns to the dreaded penalty shootout. First round - CryptoYoda misses, Charlie Lee gets it. Second round - Lee misses this time, and CryptoYoda scores. Flipflopping back and forth, the players struggle against one another, but LEE WIIIIINS, scoring four penalty shots, while CryptoYoda manages only three! This gives us our semi-finalists: Charles Hoskinson, Satoshi Nakamoto, Justin Sun, and Charlie Lee! Whew, what a semi-final round that will be! Who are you rooting for? >> Check out Day 20 of the Crypto World Cup Featured image: katatonia82 via Depositphotos

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