Crypto World Cup Day 20:Brad Garlinghouse vs. Charles Hoskinson

Brad Garlinghouse
Today kicked off the quarterfinals of the Crypto World Cup and boy was the competition fierce! Many big names have already been eliminated, but who will be next? Let's find out! Today's competitors: Brad Garlinghouse vs. Charles Hoskinson & Cameron Winklevoss vs. Satoshi Nakamoto Check out the eight finalists that made it to the Quarterfinals! Check Out the Results and Highlights of Today’s Games 

Match 1: Brad Garlinghouse 0-2 Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson came onto the pitch with guns blazing this afternoon and blew Garlinghouse out of the water. Hoskinson held the ball for 62% of the match and had a pass accuracy of 80%. The match held a total of four yellow cards, but no red cards were thrown despite the heat of the competition. Garlinghouse took a total of 11 shots during the match, but couldn't sink any into the net. Hoskinson scored the first goal within' forty minutes of the match and his second goal came in the 61st minute. Hoskinson will face the winner of today's second match on July 10th, in the Semi-finals.

Match 2: Cameron Winklevoss 1-2 Satoshi Nakamoto

Cameron Winklevoss is a six-time Crypto World Cup winner and remains the obvious favorite. He received some serious critique from fans and analysts in his last match, for his dramatics on the field. During today's match, Winklevoss took 27 shots, and Nakamoto only took nine. Winklevoss held the ball for 59% of the match and made 521 passes. There were four yellow cards in the match but no red cards. Winklevoss struck first within the 13th minute of the match, but the 'kicker' is that he scored in his own goal giving Nakomoto a goal. Nakamoto struck back nearly twenty minutes later with another goal, making it 2-0. Winklevoss struck back towards the end of the match in the 76th minute. Nakamoto has never won a World Cup and will face Hoskinson in the Semi-Finals on Tuesday. >> Crypto World Cup Day 19 Featured Image: Canva

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