Crypto World Cup Day 18: Cameron Winklevoss vs. Brian Armstrong

Cameron Winklevoss
Day 18 of the Crypto World Cup was full of dramatics and broken hearts. Today's big match was between Cameron Winklevoss and Brian Armstrong. Day 18's second match was between Satoshi Nakamoto and Andreas Antonopoulos. Yesterday, saw the losses and elimination of two defenders in the Crypto World Cup - John McAfee and Vitalik Buterin. Instead, Charles Hoskinson and Brad Garlinghouse have advanced and will face each other Tuesday in the Quarter Finals. Meet the players of this year’s Crypto World Cup.

Check out the results and highlights of today’s games

Match 1: Cameron Winklevoss 2-0 Brian Armstrong

Cameron Winklevoss ended up on top of this match but received a tremendous amount of critique from fans and analysts. Soccer players and other professional athletes are known for their dramatics to pull a yellow card, and Winklevoss was laying on the drama thick today. Winklevoss scored the first goal of the match in the 51st minute. Overall, there were six yellow cards in the match. The top 16 was set to have tough battles, and it did not disappoint. The pressure will only go up from here. Cameron Winklevoss is set to face the other matches winner this coming Friday. Match 2: Satoshi Nakamoto 3-2 Andreas Antonopoulos The second match of the game was a tight race, with goals scored left and right. The first half of the match was silent, as neither opponent scored. Just after the half, Andreas Antonopoulos scored within the first three minutes. Then, about four minutes later he scored again! Nakamoto retaliated back about ten minutes later, and the comeback began. Five minutes after the first goal, Nakamoto tied it up, and the fans had themselves a heated match! With two minutes to go in the match's extended time, Nakomoto shoots one into the net. What a match it was and Nakamoto ended up on top. Satoshi Nakamoto will face Cameron Winklevoss, in the quarterfinals on Friday. >> Check Out Day 17 of the Crypto World Cup Featured Image: Canva

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