Crypto World Cup Day 17: Charlie Lee vs. Bill Barhydt

Charlie Lee

It’s Day 17 of the Crypto World Cup and our second day of the round of 16! Charlie Lee faces off against Bill Barhydt, plus Tyler Winklevoss takes on CryptoYoda.

It was two wild games today, with some pretty surprising results. Let’s dig in!

If you missed it, here’s the summary of who’s playing in the round of 16.

Check out the results and highlights of today’s games

Match 1: Tyler Winklevoss 1 (3)-1 (4) CryptoYoda

Coming blind into this match, you would think that Tyler Winklevoss would have this game in the bag. Most would say he’s got a way better track record in the crypto world that CryptoYoda, but CryptoYoda has been surprising everyone this tournament and today was no different!

Not only did Tyler Winklevoss not win today’s match against CryptoYoda, he didn’t even get any goals in for the actual game.

CryptoYoda scored one goal and accidently scored a goal on himself, giving Winklevoss his one goal and tying the match.

The game came to an end still at a tie, forcing the players to take penalty shots. Here, Winklevoss stepped up, getting three penalty shots, but it still wasn’t enough. CryptoYoda got in four penalty shots, winning the game for himself and knocking Tyler Winklevoss completely out of the tournament!

Now, Winklevoss’ only hope at redemption is his twin Cameron winning for the both of them.

Match 2: Charlie Lee 1 (3)-1 (2) Bill Barhydt

Perhaps a somewhat less exciting game than Winklevoss vs. CryptoYoda, the game between Charlie Lee and Bill Barhydt ended in much the same way – going to penalty shots.

Within mere minutes of starting the match, Bill Barhydt scored the first goal of the game, exciting all Abra fans. But the excitement was short-lived, as Charlie Lee rounded things up by quickly scoring a goal for himself.

Things remained 1-1 until the end of the game, where things once again had to turn to penalty shots, where, ultimately, Lee beat out Barhydt.

Today knocks Bill Barhydt and, unbelievably, Tyler Winklevoss out of the competition for good, leaving CryptoYoda and Charlie Lee to move onto the next round.

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