Crypto World Cup Day 13: Vitalik Buterin vs. Barry Silbert

Vitalik Buterin
Welcome to the Crytpo World Cup Day 13! My, what a ways we have come. Today, Vitalik Buterin takes on Barry Silbert, plus more. Today's battles pitted eight major crypto influencers against each other. Who came out victorious? First though, if you’re behind in our Crypto World Cup, you can meet all the players here! 


The day started with Apollo Ohno wiping out Tiffany Hayden with a 2-0 victory. Then a close but scoreless game between Bill Barhydt and Charles Hoskinson ensued. Everyone was gunning for the underdog Barry Silbert against the "sure-thing" Vitalik Buterin, who let's be honest, hasn't been so sure at all in this tournament. It was close but Buterin pulled it out of the bag with a 2-1 win. The day closed with Nick Szabo facing-off against Charlie Lee. The latter being a formidable player this year whose performance has surprised most spectators.  Let's take a closer look at the first match of the day:

Match 1: Tiffany Hayden 0-2 Apollo Ohno

These two have never faced off before and today marks the first time they do. Ohno had nothing to lose as he was already out of the Crypto World Cup after his second loss to Charles Hoskinson. Hayden really needed this win as she has managed to put only one point on the board in her tournament so far. She started her game receiving a yellow card at only 10 minutes on the clock — not a good start. The first goal came from Ohno (who was favored to win) at 18 minutes and this signaled a steady decline for Hayden who struggled to show-up in the second half. Only 5 minutes after half-time Apollo netted his second goal sealing the deal. It felt like Hayden was pulling out all the stops necessary to try and steal back a win from this game; three more yellow cards were shown to her— desperate times do call for desperate measures. Tiffany Hayden is now out of the Crypto World Cup and joins Apollo Ohno on the bitter plane home.

Match 2: Bill Barhydt 0-0 Charles Hoskinson

Both Barhydt and Hoskinson are through to the second round of the Crypto World Cup. Today's match saw a 0-0 draw. One can only wonder were both men saving their energies for the next elimination stages? Knowing they were both already through (Hayden had too far to climb) what was the point in expending energy?

Match 3: Barry Silbert 1-2 Vitalik Buterin

Buterin Buterin Buterin! How did you manage to scrape through? This game was vital for the Ethereum co-founder as he had yet to win a game in this tournament so far despite being a favorite. Giving away a penalty which was careless, Silbert scored and the game was 1-1 by the second half. The roof lifted off the stadium when Buterin scored in the final ten minutes of the game to put him in front. He now goes through to the second stage of the Crypto World Cup alongside the other group leader Charlie Lee. Silbert has been sent packing. >> What Happened on Crypto World Cup Day 12? Read it Here!

Match 4: Nick Szabo 1-2 Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee sent Nick Szabo home in today's final game. The end result was close but Lee snatched it in a late but vital 90-minute goal. Excellent showmanship all around, but only one can be crowned the winner. Lee is it and Szabo now exits the competition. What an exciting and packed day we had at the Crypto World Cup! Stick around and follow our teams into the next round when the competition will really hit up. Who's your winner? Let us know below. Featured Image: SportingNews

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