Crypto World Cup Day 12: Brad Garlinghouse vs. CryptoYoda

Brad Garlinghouse
Well, that's it, folks! Day 12 of the Crypto World Cup has concluded, and the competition is heating up.  Monday's matches saw Brad Garlinghouse shut out CryptoYoda, putting the Ripple CEO at 9 points. We also saw David Sønstebø defeat Erik Voorhees in injury time, a cruel end to a game that favored Voorhees. Next, Tim Draper and John McAfee faced off in a mediocre game. The day ended with Tyler Winklevoss playing Zhao Changpeng. The game ended in a tie.  If you're behind in our Crypto World Cup, you can meet all the players here! 

Match 1: Brad Garlinghouse 3-0 CryptoYoda 

Match 1 started off in Brad Garlinghouse's favor, and it continued that way for the entire game. Less than thirty minutes into the first half, Brad Garlinghouse was up 2-0. The opposing team's panic was evident, as a card was given to CryptoYoda 13 minutes after Garlinghouse's second goal.  Halftime came and went, and the score was still 2-0 to Brad Garlinghouse. Garlinghouse clearly switched to defense in this half. After all, there's no need to score another goal when you're up 2-0; you need to make sure the opposite team can't get an equalizer.  And that's exactly what Brad Garlinghouse did; CryptoYoda wasn't able to equalize in the second half. After spending the remaining half defending, Brad Garlinghouse got antsy for another goal: he scored off a corner at the 90th minute. 


Brad Garlinghouse: Leader of Group A; 9 Points >> Read About Crypto World Cup Day 11 

Match 2: David Sønstebø 2-1 Erik Voorhees 

Needless to say, this game was a nail-biter. For the majority of the match, it was Erik Voorhees' game. The American startup founder scored less than thirty minutes into the game -- the ball was lofted over the goalie at the 22nd minute.  But then the atmosphere changed. Erik Voorhees gave up a penalty just before the half-time whistle blew, and that was the start of the David Sønstebø comeback.  David Sønstebø started the second-half strong, and it was apparent Erik Voorhees had lost the confidence he started the game with. At the 95th minute (5 minutes injury time) David Sønstebø drilled the ball into the far left corner of the net, winning the game. 


David Sønstebø: Third Place on Group A Table; 3 Points 

Match 3: Tim Draper 1-1 John McAfee 

This game wasn't as exciting as some of today's other matches. However, both Tim Draper and John McAfee still put up a good fight -- it just wasn't enough for either crypto player to take on the title of 'winner.'  On the stroke of half-time, John McAfee took the lead, making the game 1-0. And for the majority of the second half, the score remained that way. John McAfee focused both on offense and defense, while Tim Draper attempted to up his offensive game. And just when it looked like John McAfee was going to get a sneaky win, Tim Draper scored a penalty 3 minutes into stoppage time. The crowd was on their feet. Could John McAfee score another before the whistle blew? Sadly, no. The game ended 1-1, disappointing fans around the world.


Tim Draper: 3rd Place in Group B; 4 Points  John McAfee: 2nd Place in Group B; 5 Points 

Match 3: Tyler Winklevoss 2-2 Zhao Changpeng 

Yet another game on Monday ended in a tie. This was an odd game -- it started out strong, with Zhao Changpeng scoring in the 14th minute and Tyler Winklevoss equalizing 5 minutes later.  And then the game slowed down. There were no more goals before or directly after the first-half. Both Tyler Winklevoss and Zhao Changpeng tried, but there wasn't another goal until the 80th minute.  That's when it looked like the game was in the Zhao Changpeng bag. With roughly 10 minutes left in the left, plus stoppage time, Zhao Changpeng was leading the match, and it seemed like the odds were good.  But a minute into stoppage time, after Winklevoss made a few substitutions, the American entrepreneur managed to equalize, making the final score 2-2. 


Tyler Winklevoss: Leader of Group B; 9 Points Zhao Changpeng: Bottom of Group B; 1 Point 

The Crypto World Cup 

Did you have a favorite match of the day? Check back in tomorrow for more results! 

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