Crypto World Cup Day 1: CryptoYoda vs. David Sønstebø

David Sønstebø
The first match of the Crypto World Cup came in hot today! Today, CryptoYoda faced off against David Sønstebø. Here are the highlights from today's match! If you missed it, don't forget to meet the players for all our upcoming matches of the Crypto World Cup.

Crypto World Cup Day 1: CryptoYoda vs. David Sønstebø

Fans from all over piled into the stadium this morning, the anticipation mounting among the crowd. It was the first match of the World Cup, and no hopes or dreams had yet been crushed. Who would score the first goal? Who would win the match? CryptoYoda was the favourite going in, but could Sønstebø pull the wool over everyone's eyes? It's been a while since Sønstebø has entered the competition; the last time he played at this level was in 2006, so the nerves were no doubt in full force. Odds were against him from the start, but that wasn't going to stop him from giving his all.

The Results

GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL! And the crowd goes wild! In less than 15 minutes, CryptoYoda scored the first goal, and the goals kept coming from there. CryptoYoda went on to score not one more goal, not two more goals, but FOUR more goals, bringing the final score to 5-0 for CryptoYoda. Poor David Sønstebø, he didn't stand a chance against CryptoYoda. Today was not his day. Better luck next time Sønstebø, better luck next time. Sønstebø's going to need to really bring it in his next two matches if he hopes to move onto the next round. But is it already too late? Tune in tomorrow as the Crypto World Cup continues. There will be three matches tomorrow: Erik Voorhees vs. Brad Garlinghouse; Zhao Changpeng vs. Tim Draper; and John McAfee vs. Tyler Winklevoss. Who do you think will win each match? >> Cardano (ADA) Head Focuses on Product - Isn't Concerned with the Price of ADA Featured image: India TV News

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