Hoskinson is On his Way to the Crypto World Cup Final!!!

Charles Hoskinson

After a stonking-ly good match that had everyone on the edge of their seat, we finally have our first victor for the Crypto World Cup Final due to play on Sunday!

Charles Hoskinson has earned his worthy place with his 1-0 defeat of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nakamoto’s fans were obviously left devastated at the defeat; he had not reached the semi-finals in 32 years — riding on under-dog hopes, this could have been his year.

If you haven’t been following and want to see who has taken part and been booted out already, go here!

Semi-Final: Charles Hoskinson 1-0 Satoshi Nakamoto

Let’s get into this game.

It was an early second half goal, headed in by Hoskinson, combined with an all-round brilliant defensive wall which meant he was simply the superior side.

Nakamoto showed his talented attacking abilities, and with an all-round 64% possession, he was by no means out-ranked. But he could not find the back of the net against such an experienced and strong side; Hoskinson has reached the Crypto World Cup final three times in the last six cups.

The 1-0 defeat was nearly 2-0, when Hoskinson pulled off one of the best assists in Cup history — but he bottled it when it mattered — a fumble with the keeper sent the ball away from the net. You still have to appreciate such skill, and the lone goal was enough in the end to secure the victory. 

Overall, Nakamoto had more possession, but Hoskinson had 19 shots on goal, as opposed to Nakamoto’s 10. A suggestion that once he was on the ball, Hoskinson was more definitive on where to put it.

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Nakamoto was a worthy side, and the match was by no means a walk in the park. He had gotten so far and it is a bitter end to his Crypto World Cup journey. No doubt his flag will fly low in his home tonight.

We have our victor though! The man of the moment is Charles Hoskinson who flies to Moscow on Sunday!

Who will he face? It’s either Justin Sun or Charlie Lee. 

Game on!

Featured Image: Dnaindia.com

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