Crypto Madness: Selection Sunday Underway Fill Out Your Bracket Now!

Crypto Madness is just around the corner and today marks the start, selection Sunday. If you are unfamiliar with NCAA’s March Madness, it is a college basketball competition in which 68 teams compete to become the champion. Today is the day that individuals participate by printing and filling out their  “brackets” choosing who they think will win in each matchup of the competition and ultimately – their overall champion. It’s a fun time where many basketball fans bet their friends and family to see who guesses correctly.

We’ve designed our own competition, for fun, matching up Initial Coin Offerings. Each ICO that was chosen for the competition is currently in its token sale stage and felt it would be a positive experience to educate the cryptocurrency community on these promising upcoming projects. The entire competition relies primarily on the fans and teams behind these projects to vote – in order to push them to the next round.

>> Crypto ICO Madness

It’s time for you to print and fill out your ICO bracket now. Did your favorite upcoming ICO make the cut?

Here are your competitors:





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Guardian Circle





Kepler Technologies







The Rules

If you haven’t read our first post I’ll briefly go over the rules.

Each match-up winner will not be based on the project’s specific concept, whitepaper, or team but the winner will be decided by votes from fans.

That means it’s up to you, the fans, to push your favorite ICO to the finals. Polls will be posted on our website’s Twitter (NASDAQ:TWTR) page – @cryptonewsmag.

Each poll will be open for 24 hours, starting at 9 AM PST.

Votes will be tallied after each poll closes and the winner will be announced in the next day’s post. The more exposure the specific Twitter poll receives, the greater the odds of your favorite moving on – hence the power of the ‘retweet’.

For those unfamiliar with the ICOs in the day’s matchup, we will provide educational content and details of each project. That way, you still partake in the day’s poll, while learning about new and upcoming coins in the cryptocurrency market.

The competition will be single elimination and will start on March 15th with 16 “teams”. The championship round will be slightly different than most. On April 2nd, the final two ICOs will go head-to-head, but this time, the poll will last 48 hours. We will announce the Crypto Madness champion on the morning of the 4th.

Good Luck!

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