Crypto Madness: The Winner is …….

Crypto Madness
EVERYONE! will always try to find creative ways to positively engage, educate, and support the passion inherent in the crypto community. We created a friendly competition, 'Crypto Madness' with the intention to help our audience get a glimpse of the various crypto projects currently available. For the ICO competitors, we offered a platform for them to engage their communities and to build positive awareness for their projects. Throughout history, whether on the baseball diamond, in politics, or even the Olympics, competitors have looked for ways to gain an advantage – sometimes fair and sometimes not. The internet is no exception. It has been brought to our attention that there may have been unfair play in one of our matches. Instead of trying to point fingers, we are choosing to stop the friendly competition at this time. would like to thank everyone who participated in CryptoMadness. HybridBlock - HybridBlock 4-in-1 Exchange/Educational Ecosystem Omnitude - Omnitude Blockchain Tech to Revolutionize ECommerce Viola.AI - Synchronizing Artificial Intelligence with Online Dating DateCoin - DateCoin CEO Interview Guardian Circle - Open Sourced Emergency Response Platform on the Blockchain TrustedHealth - Revolutionizing Specialized Medicine with the Blockchain Bethereum - The New Age of Social Betting - CEO Interview MEvU - Social Betting on the Blockchain Faceter - The First Decentralized Surveillance System Kepler Technologies - Robotics Powered by the Blockchain Sapien - Social ICO Giving Viewers Control Over Their Social Experience Sharpay - Sharpay Share Button Arround - Shopping Experience with Augmented Reality ImmVRse - VR on the Blockchain Truegame - iGaming Product Goes Live on the Blockchain Gamblica - International Gambling Platform Using the Ethereum Platform We are proud of all the competitors and hope to hear more positive news from each project in the future. Side Note: We hope you enjoy the big Championship game tonight - Michigan vs. Villanova! Featured Image: FTW

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